for the first time in print, the hit gay play that starred casey donovan

A "lost" play of the gay liberation era


Chelsea Station Editions presents the debut publication of a "lost" play from the gay liberation era, Tubstrip by Jerry Douglas.   

This risqué  comedy set in a gay bathhouse was a popular success when produced onstage in 1973-1974, in the era of gay liberation and the sexual revolution. The play, often dismissed by mainstream critics but hailed as "funny, sexy, and important" by the gay press, ran for 140 performances off-Broadway, then toured to eight cities over nine months, and returned to Broadway starring the legendary adult film star Casey Donovan in the lead role. Despite its unprecedented success and acclaim, the play was never published. Until now. 

Along with the debut publication of the script of the play, this edition includes a foreword by Jordan Schildcrout entitled "Tubstrip and the Erotic Theatre of Gay Liberation," which examines the significance of the play as one of a wave of erotic gay plays (most of them forgotten or lost) that emerged between 1969 and 1974. This edition also features rarely seen publicity photos, posters, and advertisements from the original production of the play.

"A funny, sexy, important evening.  Will the media tolerate anything gay that is so open and healthy?" -- The Advocate (June 1973)   

"Not since The Boys in the Band has such a satisfying piece of theatre come along as Tubstrip.. The writing is as witty as anything you’ll find on or off Broadway, and because of the gay nature and explicitly sexual content of Tubstrip, this play is nothing like you’ve ever seen in a legitimate theatre before.. There is a very real and welcome sense of humanity and feeling for what it is to be gay that has been so sorely missing from other gay entertainments." -- Where It's At (June 1973)

"Tubstrip is a sex positive celebration of sexual as well as romantic love, along with some marvelously bitchy commentary. I would love to see this play staged and performed in all its glory!  4 stars." -- Gay Book Reviews (June 2019)